Nigeria: A Cry To God

Oh Lord! For a way lengthy will paupers

Stay on this horrible state?

They get kicked round like lepers

By political “juggernauts men gifts B07X9PVKM2”

They don’t get a justifiable share of something

As a result of, just like the ignorant and nonchalant

“Bigwigs” put it

‘They’re problematic and need to be in

A trash can’

Oh Lord! Isn’t this bereavement

Although they haven’t misplaced a relation?

The bourgeoisies cruise round city in

Flashy, alluring and comfortable “metal horses”

Screeching tires horrifying the “haven’t”

Hooting horns deafening their ears

Whereas blinding headlamps make them

Blink and miss their footings

Their rubber legs slam into puddle of water

Raining mud on proletariats

Who coy away and conceal their faces in disgrace and concern

As any protest may result in an premature dying

Oh Lord! What a horrible, malevolent, insane

And depraved nation Nigeria is?

They drive the poor to hunt “political asylum”

Which can not come their manner with out

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